Jil M. Gertz

MA/CCC Speech Language Pathologist

Jil Gertz, co–owner of Speech Therapy Center of Excellence, Inc. began her professional career as a school Speech Language Pathologist in rural New Mexico public schools. There, she implemented speech and language programs for bi–lingual children. Upon completing her clinical fellowship, she decided that a permanent move from her home in Michigan to the western US was in order. The blue skies and sunny, warm weather were a welcomed change. She found her new position in Las Vegas, at University Medical Center where she provided services for the pediatric and adult population in need of therapeutic intervention. She developed group therapy programs for neurologically impaired adults and expanded services in the pediatric department to include the “special needs” population. She was trained to performed special procedures (modified barium swallow studies, laryngoscopic examinations) to assess pharyngeal and laryngeal functions related to voice and swallowing disorders. She participated in the development of intervention programs for the neonatal intensive care unit and outpatient pediatric services at both UMC and Humana Children’s Hospital.

In 1990, she and Shelley Paulson, a collegue, set out to establish a free standing speech therapy clinic, Southwest Speech Associates. They provided speech–language pathology services to adults and children in the community in their two out–patient clinics, at various hospitals, through home health agencies, and at long term care facilities. They supervised clinical fellows and interns completing graduate study requirements while managing 7 staff speech pathologists. They developed skills in negotiating with third party payors, hospital and skilled care facility administrators. Southwest Speech Associates was acquired by Healthsouth in 1998. Following 6 years of career development with a large corporation, Jil and Shelley decided to re–enter the private practice sector and opened Speech Therapy Center of Excellence, Inc. in 2005.

Jil’s love for serving the pediatric population continues to be her passion. Her training in oro–facial myology and apraxia is extensive and contributes to her success with treating childhood speech disorders. Her interest in Autism Spectrum Disorders is reflected in her desire to facilitate communication between autistic children and their family members and peers. Her dedication to the speech pathology profession is sincere as Jil continues to provide mentoring and supervision to graduate students completing their clinical internships.