Nicole Orozco

Nicole earned her Bachelor and Master of Science at Southern Illinois University, in Edwardsville, Illinois. She entered the profession from an initial interest in helping children with special needs, and from there discovered the area of speech-language pathology.

Nicole has varied work experiences, which include working as an SLP in a primary school, a rural hospital serving inpatients and outpatients, and per diem work at skilled nursing facilities. Nicole has provided speech therapy services to people as young as 16 months to 105 years old. The parts of the job which Nicole enjoys most include treating adult swallowing and feeding disorders, and administering modified barium swallow studies. She also enjoys treating voice disorders, providing play-based language therapy for children, and treating adults with aphasia.

At the hospital, Nicole developed her leadership skills in managing the therapy cases of rehabilitation-specific admissions, and serving as the therapy department liaison with other hospital departments.

Nicole hopes to continue to increase her cultural competence in providing therapy services, with the goal of achieving the best possible outcomes for students and clients. The primary school where she worked was located in a multicultural community, and she grew from the experience by collaborating with staff and family in a culturally-sensitive manner. In college, she teamed up with an audiologist and administered hearing screenings and results in Spanish. Proficient in Spanish, she looks forward to practicing to speak it more often in Las Vegas.

Nicole is a lifelong learner, continually seeking knowledge and experiences in all walks of life. For the field of speech-language pathology, Nicole hopes to spend the next few years developing a specialty area, in which she can then pursue a PhD and conduct research to continue furthering knowledge within the field.